French Onion Soup - Perfect for a cold winter night

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I made French onion soup a few days ago.    I am not going to post a recipe because while I was searching online, I found that most of the recipes were almost identical.  I'm going to cheat on this one and give the link to the one I used.   I really think that if you know you way around a kitchen, you know what you want to add and subtract from this recipe to make it all yours.


Fish tacos - the easiest ones you will ever make!

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I totally get that fish tacos might be considered a summer dish.  And honestly, I think it is.  But let me just state these two points.  1) when you crave them there is nothing that will satisfy your cravings until you have them. 2) If you try them now you can perfect them to taste and be ready to go when the warm weather hits.

These are the easiest fish tacos you will ever make. All prep work can be done in 25 minutes, so it is a great dish if you have many mouths to feed and not a lot of time.  Here are the very simple steps to making this dish.

 I recommend  the square fish patties sold in stores.  We found a fantastic brand in Whole foods that is firm, not all filler, not salty and will not break the bank.   Try get the fish patty and not the fish sticks.  I think you will appreciate less breading once you cut them up.


1 bag of square fish patties
1  pre-cut bag coleslaw and coleslaw sauce usually found in your produce section.
1-2 jalapenos. (In the summer I grill a pablano + 1 jalapeno )
1 bag of sweet corn ( In summer I grill 2 ears of corn)
1 pack of tortillas ( soft)

Steps  (20-25 minutes)

 * Leave the tortillas, in their bag, on the counter to bring to room temperature.

 * Mince the jalapenos and ( start with one to check the heat factor) and stir them into the coleslaw and add the coleslaw sauce.
   Note: The longer this sits the better it gets. I try to make it hours before, but It is still excellent if you make it minutes before serving.

 * Cook the Fish patties in the oven as directed. It is usually about 400 degrees for about 15-18 minutes.

 * While the fish is cooking, heat the corn on top of the stove.

 * Once the corn is cooked, drain the liquid and leave in pot with heat off.

 Serve taco bar style

* Serve fish patties  ( for kids) Cut fish patties into 3-4 equal parts ( 3 cuts straight across). For adults, serve whole and let them cut up when ready.
*Serve one bowl of corn
* Serve  one bowl of Coleslaw
* Serve tortillas