Butternut squash soup

I bet I could stop my post right there. Butternut squash soup. I bet half of you know how this will end and the other half thinks they know how it will end. In the Northern states, the seasonal change from warm to cold makes you do crazy things. Things like buy that thick Irish cable knit sweater. one that is so warm you could wear it in between water polo matches, if you played in the Arctic league. But when you live in the civilized world with heating in every building, you just want wear it. but every year you get it out thinking " this is the year I wear it." Butternut squash recipes come out of the woodwork in fall. side dishes, main dishes even drinks! Well, I am not immune to this marketing squash tsunami that crashes like waves before my eyes. I decided to make Butternut squash soup, from scratch. I hunted the stores and for what turned out to be the second squash shipment of the day. I felt, what am I missing? they don't replace the milk twice a day. I pureed the squash in the food processor, i chopped the onions, added the chicken stock, spices and cooked it. Sadly to say, I was not impressed. It was orange, which was kinda of different, but so-so tasting. I added some black pepper and salt to find it much better. I had seen photos of it served with sour cream on top. I don't normally cook with it but had some 'lite' sour cream in the fridge. BOOM! that was it! the cream added exactly what was missing. I loved it. By know half of you are shaking your heads, and the other half is still trying to picture squash being served as a soup. trust me, you have to try it at least once. even better then you should make it. It is very simple to make and hit the spot on this cold November day.