Grilled Veggies and Chicken Salad

Here is an easy lunch option. I love to make this or some version of it. If you like it, enjoy! if you want to tweak it to your liking please feel free to do so.  This is my Grilled Vegetables and Chicken Salad.

When we grill on a Sunday evening, we throw a few Chicken Breasts and skewered veggies on with that night's dinner.
 On the weekdays following, chop the veggies to as size you want in your salad.
 Don't let it sit overnight because the vegitables are still moist and will sog your crisp salad.
 Take one chicken breast and slice it the long way, then into quarter to half inch pieces. The Chicken can sit with your salad over night if you are taking this to work the next day.
The smokey veggies add a nice flavor and the Chicken helps to fill you so you are not snacking later in the day.  I've  included some photos just not sure which one I like more.  Since I am getting a feel for this, Please comment below as to which photo works better for you.