Real simple Meals. A guy has to eat.

real simple meals - spicy fun food that is easy to make

A guy has to eat!

It is the 1980's. When I was growing up, my mother said, you need to know how to cook. One version of this conversation ended with, ...cause you have to feed yourself!  and another version I recall wrapped up with something like ....because a lot of women cannot cook! 
I am not sure which version was repeated more often, but It's pretty much was the earliest reason I recall for learning how to cook.

Thanks Mom!

 "You need to write this stuff down." 

Skip ahead to 2013.   I've been shooting  photography for the past 12 years and when I get a chance I cooked for my wife and I. We live in Chicago, illinois  and I love to grill in the summer and cook in the winter months.   I would snap a photo with my phone or whatever I had near me just for fun.  Nothing grand, not props, or studio lighting, just "snap shots".  I now realize that I have about 2 years worth of photography of dishes I created.

 My wife likes my cooking (which is always good for a relationship) but has learned that I did not name my recipes, so she could never request a dish that she craved at the moment. Her requests were always,  " hey, that spicy chicken dish, with the peppers, and the veggies that had that awesome flavor." It was up to me to guess.

Are my dishes  on this food blog going to change the world? NO. They are not meant to. They do error on the side of being healthy,  but not boring. They are SIMPLE to make and you will see similar ingredients being used.   I'm all for trying new things, but  it will become quickly evident that you can use a core group of flavors in many ways.   We like hot, spicy food, so if you do. I hope you like what you find on this blog.

Real simple Meals